LogicaSoft Your Tech Partner

Facilitating businesses to be more adaptive, creative & durable

Business Consulting, Strategies and Execution

We assist you in the development and implementation of a successful strategy aided through technology requirements and digital transformation.

Technology & Digital Solutions

We believe technology has the potential to significantly improve customer service and increase revenue.

IT Outsourcing Services

                                                                                          We help you make your business function seamlessly by connecting to the right candidates, who report directly to you.

Logicasoft is purpose driven

Logicasoft adopts a measurable and agile approach to deliver exceptional business performance while maximising returns.

Logicsoft operates under the premise that the future is today's reality.

Take On Challenges

Disrupt head on! Revolutions don’t happen every day. We bring in the next big change.

Valuable Success

Deliver meaningful insights at every step and measurable performance across the entire business journey.

Innovate and Deliver

Go beyond having a plan to executing the most ambitious ideas with the best minds and cutting-edge tech. 


Modernise, reinvent, reimagine everything from business processes to functions across the organisation.

Delivering tailored solutions that make business execution simpler & efficient!

We assist you in developing solutions that are not only technically brilliant but also create a digital platform on which you can build. We have the right mix of knowledge, skills, and resources to help you turn your problems into opportunities.

Business Planning, Strategy & Execution

Overcome impediments to effective strategy implementation and focus on harmonising the aspects of the strategic organisational context.

Marketplace & Clear KPIs

A good concept is just that until it’s put into effect, and perhaps the most surefire way to get people to act is to have a plan.

Become a Successful Consultant

At Consulting Success, we believe your consulting business should support your lifestyle, not the other way around.

We carve out effective business strategies for Businesses

A strategic plan aids in determining the most important activities to incorporate in order to achieve your objectives. Our business strategy enables you to achieve your objectives with a more hands on approach by identifying and analysing your strengths, weaknesses, as well as keeping the momentum going towards your goals.

Generating ideas for new Business!

A fresh idea is frequently the start of a business venture. We assess market demand and address it by establishing businesses that provide a product that suits the demand.

Research and Development (R&D) is an important part of expanding and enhancing your company. Thorough research and analysis, as well as detailed assessments of your customers' needs and expectations, are required for effective R&D.

The company's service portfolio includes statistical business analytics consulting and solution creation. We  provide complete solutions that help clients connect with customers and predict their likelihood of accepting a commercial offer or engaging in actions that constitute a danger to the service provider.

Logicasoft is a company that focuses in software-enabled business solutions. These solutions are excellent for resolving difficult issues and can assist firms in determining how to take advantage of certain opportunities.

When it comes to product creation and R&D strategy, we thinks several steps ahead. Our perspectives are based on forward-looking research as well as our extensive expertise across industries, locations, and enterprises at various stages of development and maturity.