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Logica Soft simplifies and automates big data integration with graphical tools and wizards that generate native code. This means your team can start working with Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Spark Streaming, and NoSQL databases, for cloud or on-premises today.

BlockChain Technology

With a wealth of experience in analytics, and a commitment to openness in developing IT infrastructure and tools, along with strong global BI deployment capabilities, Logica Soft will help you unlock the business value from your Big Data.

AI & Machine Learning

AI technology is altering our way of life and working. Machine Learning , a sub – set of Artificial Intelligence, employs computers to discover patterns in data to automate tasks, make recommendations, detect anomalies, and gain new insights.

Deeper Insights employs a world of data ranging from internet sites to internal documents, as well as implemented Data Science and specially made AI dashboards, to assist in making information strategic decisions, understand trends, purchasing trends, rivals, evaluate the risk, predict future outcomes, and match people to products, jobs, and services.

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Artificial Intelligence

Contaminate Object

Logicasoft has the potential for using AI and ML techniques to efficiently analyse large volumes of data using processes that traditional data analysis cannot. The data we analyse can be structured (for example, databases) or unstructured (for example, reports).

We use several tools to assist you in teaching a machine to gain knowledge from the history of the human reactions given a set of circumstances, enabling this same acquisition of expert knowledge to optimise manual tasks as well as error prone processes while improving workforce utilisation.

BlockChain Technology

With Blockchain-Powered solutions, you can create new products and services and transform your industry.Every Business Needs a Blockchain Development Solution

A3logics offers a diverse range of Blockchain services that can help you expand your business production.

Logicasoft has a custom software development team, specialising in AI and Blockchain technologies. We provide industry-specific new blockchain solutions which are powered by Agile methodology in order to provide your organisations with high-level security and mobility. 

We work in a team of highly qualified designers and developers who can reduce time-to-market and assist your company in leveraging the potential of blockchain. By integrating the most recent blockchain latest technology, smart contracts, and identification solutions, you can get amazing crypto solutions for your business.



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