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Logicasoft is the place to be if you want to work with wonderful people on intriguing projects and be on the cutting edge of technology. Make time prior graduation to consider if you want to hunt for a graduate employment in the UK or in your native country. 

Career Pathway Options

”If you wish to have a work and life in the UK, carefully consider your alternatives and leverage our placement guidance 
to assist you at every level of career progression.”  Shilpa, Human Resources 

Data Science

In the last five years, need of digital scientists has risen by 653 %, while demand for machine learning has increased by 811 %.

Discover  how Logicasoft support Data Scientists Demand.

IT and Digital Services 

You’ll co-create solutions to unleash the benefits of technology in various ways and strengthening the  creative digital platforms.

Discover  how Logicasoft support IT Employers & Techies.

Robotics – Logica’s Managed Solution

Specialize in consulting businesses on their digitization strategy, using robotics solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Discover  how Logicasoft support Robotics.


Learn the Smart way

Let’s start the learning and enhance your career to the next level.

Data Science Placement Training

Become a demanded data scientist with technical information analytics skills and problem-solving abilities that top businesses are looking for.


Throughout an interactive learning paradigm, the Data Science program will enable you in landing your dream career. Introduction to Computer Science, Quantile Estimating, Guided Model, Ensembles, Unmonitored Learning Methods, Neural Networks, Statistical Testing, Statistical, data analysis, data visualization, advanced analytics, supervised learning, MySQL, R, Python, and other topics are covered in depth in this Data Science course.

Technology Placement Training

We've formed partnerships with the some of the UK's largest IT firms, who rely on us to offer them with high-quality entry-level experts.


You’ll apply Agile development principles while collaborating with a wide range of teammates across the company. You’ll immediately find a plethora of technical knowledge and be assigned to a department that best matches your abilities. You could be creating custom software to assist buyers in closing agreements, providing better statistical analysis and data visualization techniques or modifying our fundamental corporate systems.


Our Placement Training will make you land in your dream job and next-level career for experienced professionals.

For £900 FREE

  • 50+ cutting edge techniques and skills to learn and execute
  • In live online courses led by industry experts
  • Access to high-quality, industry-relevant content for the rest of your life
  • Suitable for technical as well as non-technical graduates
  • Job placements with Fortune 500 businesses and startups 
  • 30+ projects from clients that are important to the industry
  • 50+ cutting edge techniques and skills to learn and execute.
  • Simple financing choices with no hidden fees and a 0% interest rate.

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