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Overcome technical and business risks with Logica Soft IT managed services

Simplify complexity and meet demands

Our experience has taught us no matter what precise the skills and knowledge or competitive the industry, there is a candidate for each and every position. Every year, we are in charge of supplying 1000s of engineering candidates and contractors, from one-time needs to responding to Premier league frameworks. We connect the people who create better businesses.

What are the roles that we cover?

We cover all aspects of technology, which include data and analytics, software as a service, infrastructural facilities and networks systems, testing and Quality assurance, lines of business and transformation, software application development, information security, ERP and Customer relationship management, delivery of services and operational processes, architecture and design, engineering and DevOps, Responsive design, UX, and front-end, Robotic process automation, digital marketing, and product. Our broad experience includes requirements at all levels (fromTrainee to senior), throughout all operations (from in-house individuals and organisations to remote projects), and across all industries (from retail to healthcare and beyond).

Is Staffing Solutions the right fit for me?

Planning And preparations could be right for you but if you only need a role on occasion or if you have an immediate need for a tech specialist. It may also be appropriate for you but if your resource planning programme is still in its early stages as well as an outsourced solution appears to be too mature at this time.

What advantages does Logicasoft Staffing provide?

Excellent Service

We have such a talent pipeline for all technology and Non-IT skillsets, so that we can deliver high-quality, pre-qualified talent when you need it.

Substantial networks

We shall easily determine skillset even in the most complex markets because we have extensive networks across all disciplines.

Expert & Knowledge

We have over years of experience identifying and interacting high-quality tech talent, and we are one of the UK’s most well-known technology recruitment firms.

Best Prices

Hire one-time talent at a reasonable rate.